Good Stories, Bad Decisions

by Bad Bruno

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released March 4, 2017


all rights reserved



Bad Bruno Los Angeles, California

The music is fast, and the lyrics are loud... enjoy.

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Track Name: I Swear to You
I was told that looking back would bring a certain death, where the biggest players play for keeps, then keep it from the rest. So with out remorse I steered the course and to lead it until its end, until the Earth was sore from all the beating that we gave to the trampled on and dispossessed.

But a death-denying self can't face itself unless it comes to terms to the destruction that its left. Like a captain that sworn the gold but killed his crew instead over the madness of his own incompetence. And the mast had broke where the wood had soaked. And the currents put to test all the manufactured hope, then washed away what she forgave and gave it back to man, in the hopes that we would understand.

The big mistake that I've done was deny who I am and who I was. But I swear to you that won't be me anymore.
Track Name: Red Line
I've been riding on the Red Line in hopes of seeing you again.But since I've been told you've been riding in a car, with a man that drives you home, I've been sitting here alone and waiting. I've been riding on the Red Line in hopes of seeing you again on my way home.
Track Name: Song in C
Is it strange to wake up and your stomach is feeling sick from the night before when you score and indulged in several drinks, and the car you stole hit a pole as you fell asleep? Your adult career became steered by all your teenaged dreams; and you don't fucking care because you find yourself right here, between the fake and sincere.
Track Name: Seasons
A summer's eve is much different from the warmth and the strain and excitement of autumn. The seasons change and so will you, so should we break the bliss so we can talk about it? But for today, I hold a claim to your heart until the seasons change and you have to go.
I know its best to see you move. but breaking apart is much harder than falling. And I will change, but so will you. I'm hoping time is kind so we can start again. But for today, I hold a claim to your heart until the seasons change and you have to go.
Track Name: I'm Not Romantic
I wish you would have been more open with me than let me believe that the problem was me, because I sat home alone, half dead and reflecting, how bad I was and concerned, while you danced. And I tried, tried, tried, and it's hard to understand how you could easily abandon the plan. I hope you find yourself something that can resemble the truth that you said that you wanted. You wanted moments to get out and get lost with me, and in those moments you got lost and left me behind. I'm sorry baby that our dates went all wrong, and every moment it was hard to get along and not being stuck on stupid symantics, I'm sorry baby I'm just not romantic. You could forgive me if you just heard this song, for every moment it was hard to sing a long to, I'll be responsible for much of this sadness, but I'm sorry baby I'm just not romantic.
Track Name: Company
Would you like the company? I sure as hell ain't got much to do here. I could walk you to your street, or we can grab some coffee at the corner. I could sit here all day and dream or maybe I could catch your name. And we could talk about bands we've seen, or laugh at bad jokes from good T.V. shows.. or I could catch you later today? I may be dreaming but I've got nothing to loose. I could sit here all day and dream, or maybe I could catch your name.
Track Name: My Youth
I remember the days of my youth, hanging around with the kids from my 'hood, skating the streets until dark, coming home late with our elbows scraped. I don't care if I fall, I'll get up again, the scabs of my youth I alway picked at. When adulthood arrives and my scars are set in, I remember my youth. I remember back in '03 my first punk rock show was on Bartee Street. and the 320 Pokr hotline kept me and my friends at the shows all the time. Drinking our beers in our teenage years, the times of our lives never seemed so clear, As I grow old and my body aches, I remember my youth and now it's gone.
Track Name: Loot & Barrels
She says she's got the answers to the world from digging in the same place, she's got noting to loose and gambles it all at once. Clever girl in control of her world, so she's moving to a different state where those love stories will get her anything she wants. Yeah she'll run with your money, with with a cause, and run with your heart. It aint nothing but loot and barrels when she's around. And I can't say I'm any better than her, but looking at her pretty face makes me see the mistake for falling for the wrong one. And I know this would probably hurt, spending time with the saddest queen, 'cause those sob stories will get her anything she wants. Any love that you thought you had is now gone, and you know she won't ever admit when she's wrong. And all the drugs have caught up to her and she's talking on and on about the places she would like to see and the girl she'd rather be... and I know she trust me.
Track Name: Nightmares!
Ask him what he's up to, he say "no good." But outside of these scene walls we know he's misunderstood. Now what's he building back there, well no one knows? When he talks to himself and locks him self and smells of smoke. He's the kind of man that's ready to explode, reoccurring nightmares has kept him on his toes. Last chance to make things stop, fight back is all he can do to end it and make it go away. I'm sure you've met him a few times before, but outside of these scene walls I know we've never spoke. And I don't believe I don't believe thats all he knows when he talks to himself and locks himself and he's on the move.

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